DOG GUARD® Pet Containment History

Dog Guard is owned and manufactured by Sunward Electronics, Inc. in Troy, New York and was started in 1986.

Dog Guard “fence company” has recruited and trained a cadre of dealers that are located in large, medium and small markets throughout the United States. Our dealers are trained professionals that understand fencing and your needs, and how important it is to have a happy and contained pet.

Dog Guard Underground Fence With the internet and the many devices it affords a medium-sized company like ours, we market our pet containment  products through a dealer force that sells, installs and services cat and dog fences, and maintains constant contact with our customers.

DOG GUARD® Dealers

While Dog Guard fencing enjoys a number of technological advantages over those of our competitors, our Dog Guard dealers are the REAL difference!

  • All of our dealers are trained in the correct installation and usage of pet and dog fences in order to provide only the safest level of underground fencing for you and your pet.
  • All of our dealers undergo specific training in pet behavior and dog training, so they know exactly how to work with your beloved pets in order to insure the desired level of results.
  • Each of our dealers live and work in or near the communities they service. They are your neighbors and they know that their local reputation depends on the quality of our underground fences and the level of service they provide before and after the sale.


Underground Dog Fence RaleighDid you recently move into a new home with a hidden fence that doesn’t work? Is your system outdated? Is the company who installed it out of business? These are common problems for home owners and we can help you get back on track. We diagnose  ALL brands of pet containment systems  including Dog Watch® and PetSafe® and not just DogGuard® and IF. If you have no idea who installed it or even what brand it is, let us take a look at it so you can avoid paying for a completely new system.

We can save you hundreds of dollars by repairing your line or upgrading an existing system and have you up and running in no time. Get your pets protected again as soon as possible. We can even train your pets with the updated system.


Call your local dealer, JOCK BRAKEBILL, at 919-781-1213  or fill out our contact form.


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