Battery Plans for DOG GUARD® Pet Fences

Dog Guard of Eastern NC offers you the convenience of a handy Battery Plan.  The combination of Dog Guard’s superior performing batteries and on time delivery is the best way to keep your pet safe! Dog Guard Dogs By participating in the Dog Guard Battery Plan, you can have your pet’s battery mailed to you every 4 months for a whole year! Every 120 days, we will automatically mail your dog’s battery directly to your home. Dog Guard of Eastern NC can also customize a battery plan that meets your unique needs. FYI: To ensure optimal reliability and performance, our batteries are specially welded together. Unlike some of our competitors’ multiple cell batteries which run the risk of breaking contact, Dog Guard batteries maintain 100% connection.

  • NO chance of the batteries breaking contact.
  • Superior batteries that last.
  • NO chance of putting your dog’s safety in jeopardy!

Dog Guard batteries are specially designed and engineered for use outdoors, and minimize or eliminate the risk to your pet’s safety that is possible with inferior quality batteries or those NOT specially designed for outdoor use. Individual Battery – $13.25                Save with an Annual Plan  –  $41.60 (mailed every 4 months) Contact us to have your batteries mailed today. Order Batteries


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