Indoor Pet Containment Systems

Raleigh NC Indoor Pet Containment Invisible SystemIdeal for cat and dogs of all ages and sizes, Dog Guard’s indoor pet containment solutions provide a wireless non visible dog fence for inside your home and may be used to train your pets in a variety of indoor situations, such as:

  • Prevent your pets from getting into the trash or other areas of your home or apartment
  • Keep pets off of your furniture, including beds, sofas, antiques, etc.
  • Restrict your pets to certain rooms of your home or apartment
  • Has a 10 foot cord so the indoor unit can be easily plugged into an outlet

To find out more information about our indoor pet containment systems, call us today at 919-781-1213 or 800-490-9193 for a FREE indoor pet fence evaluation.

Raleigh Indoor Dog Fence Receiver


Indoor Pet Containment Systems North Carolina