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Underground fencing in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill and all counties in Eastern NC.


My name is Jock Brakebill and my team has been serving the pets of central and eastern North Carolina since 1997.  I personally understand that your dog is more than just a pet – it is a member of your family – like my dog Lucy shown below. That is why we provide your dog with the freedom he deserves through an underground electronic fence and you with the peace of mind of knowing that your dog is safely contained!

Jock Brakebill Owner of Dog Guard North Carolina

Jock Brakebill, owner, with his dog Lucy


Over 3,800 Customers Have Chosen Dog Guard® Eastern NC

Here Is Why We’ve Installed Over 3,800 Dog Fences For Our Customers:


Dog Guard® of Raleigh and Eastern NC Offers Better Pricing than Our Competitors for Superior Installations and Highly Customizable Equipment.

Dog Guard® of Eastern NC Has Been Locally Operated Since 1997 by Jock Brakebill, So You Have Direct Access to the Dealership Owner.  We have been the national #1 Dog Guard dealership in sales for the past 11 years.  Thank you to our customers for allowing us to win this award year after year!

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Rest Assured, We Offer a Lifetime Equipment Warranty.

• No Worries With Our Money-Back Containment Guarantee.

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Dog Guard® Underground Pet Fence Products

Dog Guard® Out of Sight® Transmitters

Dog Guard® offers different types of transmitters that are designed for outdoor and indoor uses. The transmitters are listed below:

RT-2 – Small/versatile for indoor use
T-4 – Standard transmitter for large areas

RT-2 transmitterRT-2

The RT-2 Inside transmitter is a small/versatile device that is designed for containing or restraining pets in or from designated areas inside your home.



Dog Guard® Batteries

Dog Guard® of Raleigh sells the best priced batteries, compatable with all underground pet fence collars and systems.

We Service All Brands

Dog Guard® of Eastern NC can repair damaged lines and replace transmitters/receivers for all brands of underground electric pet fence systems.

Dog Fence FAQs

Learn more about Dog Guard® of Raleigh, and how underground pet containment works. Dog Guard® fences make happy dogs.