Underground Dog Fence Equipment

Underground Dog Fence Transmitters

Dog Guard® offers different dog fence transmitters for outdoor and indoor use.

The T-4 Outdoor Transmitter.

T-4 – Outdoor Transmitter

The T-4 transmitter features user friendly lights and audible sounds to let you know that the transmitter is working properly and when there is a problem with the signal field.

  • The T-4 transmitter has two frequency settings to accommodate side by side installations and can be used on any size yard up to 50 acres.
  • An ID code makes the system immune to all interference from stray signals and provides “DUAL ZONES”, in the signal field. The dual zone establishes two signal fields. In the first area, the pet receives a warning level stimulus that has been preset on the front of the T-4 transmitter. Its purpose is to warn the pet to turn back. Should the pet enter the second barrier, the receiver will automatically increase to a stronger stimulus.
  • The T-4 transmitter has a LIFETIME warranty.

The GREEN POWER LIGHT is on all the time when the system is powered.
The RED LOOP LIGHT is on when the loop is intact. If there is a line break, the light will go off and an audible alarm will sound from inside the T-4 transmitter.
The YELLOW FAULT LIGHT comes on if the T-4 transmitter takes a power surge or lightning hit and an audible alarm will sound from inside the T-4 transmitter.

The RT-2 Indoor Transmitter.

RT-2 – Indoor Transmitter

The RT-2 room transmitter is a small versatile device that is designed for containing or restraining pets in or from designated areas inside of the home. It provides a non visible barrier inside your home. It can be used in the home, garage or basement. The RT-2 room transmitter is portable and can travel with you and your pet.

  • The AC Adapter has a 10-foot long cord, so it should accommodate most outlet configurations in the home.
  • The RT-2 room transmitter radiates a 360 degree signal up to 8 feet.
  • The RT-2 room transmitter is available in two frequencies.
  • The RT-2 room transmitter is a great way to keep pets off countertops, furniture, out of special rooms or out of the garbage!
  • RT-2 room transmitter has a LIFETIME warranty.
  • The RANGE CONTROL adjuster is recessed to prevent unwanted tampering. The field range can be easily adjusted by using a small screwdriver.


Dog Guard® offers different types of Receivers that are designed to contain small to large-sized dogs.

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Comfort Posts
  • Stay-Away System Available with gradual increasing correction
  • Auto-Shutoff
  • Battery Warning Light
  • Audible Tone
  • Lexan Strength Case
DG 9 XT receiver.

DG 9 XT Receiver

The DG 9 XT receiver is designed to handle the “medium to stubborn and tough-to-train” dogs. It works well with dogs that are runners such as Huskies, Labs and hunting dogs.

Width: 1.1875″ – Height: 1.125″ – Length: 2.25″
Material: Lexan/ABS – Probe Spacing: 1.125″ – Weight: 2.2 oz.

DG 5000 Receiver

DG 5000 Receiver

This DG 5000 receiver is designed to handle “small, timid, passive and up to medium sized” dogs.

Width: 1.125″ – Height: 1.125″ – Length: 2″
Material: Lexan/ABS – Probe Spacing: 1.125″ – Weight: 2 oz.

DG Micro Receiver.
DG Micro R Rechargeable Receiver.

DG Micro Receiver & Micro R Rechargeable Receiver

This DG Micro receiver is designed to contain “tiny pets” weighing 1 to 10 pounds.

Width: 1.125″ – Height: 1″ – Length: 1.875″
Material: Lexan/ABS – Probe Spacing: 1.125″ – Weight: 1.8 oz.

Chew Protector

Dog Guard chew protector for receiver.

If your Dog Guard collar gets damaged from a dog chew, ask your Dog Guard dealer about the chew protector. The Dog Guard chew protector is designed to fit safely around the receiver in order to protect it from damage that may be caused by your pet. Chew Protectors are available for all receiver models.


Alternate straps for collars.

Dog Guard collars feature quick release clasps and come in a variety of sizes (cat, xsm, sm, med, lg, xlg) and colors (red, hot pink, blue, black, green or purple).

System Surge Protector

Dog Guard Surge Protector.

The Dog Guard Surge Protector provides a safeguard against normal AC power surges and lightning by automatically disconnecting the transmitter in case of a rare catastrophic surge or direct lightning strike.

  • Increased Surge Current Ratings – protector has a larger capacity to dissipate surges. (fig. not actual size)
  • Better Loop Connectors – easier to attach the loop wires to the unit.
  • Reduces the Risk of System Failure – your pet will continue to be contained.
  • Power Indicator Light – easy to see that power is on.
  • Space Saving Design – low profile and better balance and stability.

Dog Guard Batteries

Dog Guard batteries.
Dog Guard button batteries.

In order to insure your pet’s safety and optimal performance of your Dog Guard fencing system, we strongly recommend our handy Battery Plan. Your Dog Guard dealer will make sure you are set up with the correct battery for your equipment

Batteries are tack welded and are available in 357 Silver oxide, 386 Silver oxide.

Dog Guard Button batteries are available in 6 Volt Lithium for the Micro Receivers only.