Customer Testimonials

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Robert Goldsboro – Wayne County

"Thank you for the prompt job and after installation follow-up…"

-- Robert Goldsboro – Wayne County

"I called at 11am and had a service tech here before 1pm! I was in no rush but they were extremely accommodating. We had another change affecting the wiring layout in our yard and had immediate response at that time, too. The initial training with our pets was simple and easy. Love working with Jock and Bee - great folks and a wonderful service provider. I cannot imagine not having invisible fencing for our pets especially since we live on a busy street. Having wonderful folks like Jock and Bee to work with makes the decision so much easier. Would highly recommend them to all of our friends and neighbors. "

Travis B.

"What an awesome company!!! I called on Monday of this week, quote done on Wednesday and fence in on Thursday!!! All the same week!!! Couldn’t be more pleased! Great to deal with! Thank you. "

-- Travis B.

"As I said we have different dogs and when they come to stay they use the collar. Maggie lives with us permanently now and it is so nice to have her protected. I just call or e-mail when I need batteries or service. Can't remember that we have ever needed service. "

"Installed electric fence. Great. Solved all problems with a non typical installation. "

"It went well we have used them more than once. Actually they installed the last fence we had installed they are prompt and courteous. "

The Stephensons – Wake County

"Thank you for your prompt service. During our 14 years you have never failed to provide prompt and courteous service. We thank you and our dogs thank you."

-- The Stephensons – Wake County
John Dunn – Harnett County

"We live on a farm and a new subdivision is being built near our home. Our 3 dogs had always run free on our property but with the increasing traffic we knew we needed to somehow contain our dogs but we didn’t want to have to fence our yard. Having older dogs who were used to acres of freedom, we never thought an iinvisible fence would work for us. I am happy to say that 5 years after having a Dog Guard fence installed, we have never had a breakout with our dogs. They still have acres of land to run on and we love knowing that they are safe."

-- John Dunn – Harnett County
Kim Garner – Wake County

"Thank you for listening to our needs, returning our phone calls, and checking on dog’s progress…"

-- Kim Garner – Wake County

"The whole experience was great - from the estimate, to the installation, to the follow up. All done with professionalism and courtesy. "

"They installed underground "fencing" around our entire yard. When we later decided to separate the fencing into front and back yard, they handled that. I do not recall the cost but it was competitive. The "fences" worked great and kept our dog at home. Whenever we had a disruption, the systems always signaled us and they came out for repair promptly and were reasonable. Our soil seemed to cause the wire to get broken. Sometimes, when we were planting flowers etc, we caused a wire to be broken. They worked with us for at least 12 years and were always excellent! "

"They installed an invisible fence, marked it, trained my dogs. They send new batteries on a regular schedule to avoid having the dog collar batteries run out. When I was in a pinch and needed a new battery immediately, they made great efforts to get it to me the same day. They are always great and fun to work with, and the installers/trainers are wonderful with the dogs. "

"Invisible fence repair. Showed up on time. Got the work done. Checked the collar too. Services are expensive - but worth it in our book. Job done right is worth a lot. "

"The owner was extremely responsive. He visited our property within 48 hours of contacting the office to set up an appointment. He explained the product and installation thoroughly, and provided specific recommendations on how to ensure effectiveness. The installation was scheduled within days of meeting the owner for consultation and pricing. When it came to training our pets on how to use the invisible fence, the owner and trainer incorporated our current training methods into their recommendations to assist our pets with learning the fence quickly. In addition, the company refunded us for the cat collars once we determined that it was not effective for them without any hassle. "

Philip L.

"These guys were great! They were very professional and walked me through the whole process. Would highly recommend them. "

-- Philip L.
Elizabeth P.

"Owners Jock and Bee Brakebill do an outstanding job with Dog Guard. Bee is excellent in helping you understand everything involved with the underground fence system. Jock and his workers have always gone the extra mile necessary to make sure that training is completed after the fence has been installed. We also are in the battery replacement program, so there are never any worries about dead batteries! What a great idea. Keep up the good work! "

-- Elizabeth P.
C. Jones

"I have been a customer of Dog Guard for 15 years! They are an excellent company. the owners Bee and Jock Brakebill are very friendly and professional. They are very prompt to fix any problems. Since we moved into this house, we have had construction next to the property line (invisible fence line) plus road repairs in the front yard. Dog guard was very attentive making sure that our out of sight fencing was always working properly and they quickly repaired any breaks caused by the construction crews. Our newest puppy loves playing safely in our yard! I would highly recommend this company!!!! "

-- C. Jones
Mike M.

"I’ve been a customer for eight years. Dog guard has always had prompt and Courteous service! "

-- Mike M.
Beth M.

"Always responsive and professional. An outstanding company with an outstanding product. "

-- Beth M.
Kip M.

"We have used Jock and Bee three times already and this year will be the fourth (moving and second home etc.). High quality, consultative approach, they make sure it is done correctly and economically, and if something goes wrong they stand behind it. "

-- Kip M.
Libba P.

"Awesome company! Working with our 2 beagles was such a great learning experience. They definitely know what they are doing. "

-- Libba P.

"Jock and his wife run a wonderful pet service company. They give personalized fast service both in setting up electronic pet fences as well as servicing them. So often the shortfall is the service beyond the sale - not with them. "

"Jock has worked for us on several occasions–expanding our fence coverage; reducing and dividing our fence coverage; then starting over again when we moved. He has always done great work, in a timely manner, and we can and do count on him to do what is best for us and our pets–and feel good about it. The only phone call we would make for our pets!!"

"Jock is an expert in invisible fencing. I couldn’t be happier with the quality of product and the EXCELLENT and personable customer service. They came highly recommended and deservedly so. I have since recommended them to many neighbors and they have been pleased as well. I highly recommend this company! "

Catherine – Raleigh, Wake County

"My dog Jake was bred as a hunting dog and now lives in a smaller yard at our new home. We were very concerned about his happiness in living in a more confined area. After we having the Dog Guard system we are thrilled with his level of activity. He spends his days running in the yard, chasing squirrels, and being a very happy dog! I have been amazed at it effectiveness at keeping Jake totally contained in our yard and giving him the freedom to continue to be outside whenever he wants. Thank you Dog Guard for our dog’s happiness."

-- Catherine – Raleigh, Wake County
Kay Durham – Durham County

"I am a gardener with a very elaborate yard and garden areas. My puppy was constantly digging up my plants! I was already a Dog Guard customer so I knew what an excellent job they did on our installation so I asked Jock to devise a way for my dogs to enjoy the yard with me but not be able to enter several areas of the gardens. Jock was able to devise a plan that did exactly what I needed. I know that it was through his years of experience in overseeing installations that gave him the ability to create a system that worked exactly as I needed. Now I am enjoying my dogs and still have a beautiful garden."

-- Kay Durham – Durham County
Karen Wilmington – New Hanover County

"Dog Guard has made such a difference in our dog’s temperament. Thank you for the excellent training and your superior service."

-- Karen Wilmington – New Hanover County
Bob C.

"Bee and Jock were excellent. They were both very sweet and accommodating and answered all of my questions. They even gave me a quote over the phone, which I truly appreciate. I'm happy that to be working with them for this product. "

-- Bob C.
Rusty Raleigh – Wake County

"I just wanted you to know I think of you guys everyday. The Dog Guard system works GREAT and is the best money I have spent in years. It has made our life so wonderful in terms of enjoying our dog who knows exactly how far she can go. The system works as described and is sturdy as heck. Have a great holiday season!!"

-- Rusty Raleigh – Wake County
Shannon S.

"So pleased with Dog Guard! I moved into a home with an already existing Invisible Fence Brand system. I called Invisible Fence to have it adjusted for our dog and our needs, and the pricing was still SEVERAL hundred dollars. Also, they would not honor the warranty for the existing wall unit, since we were not the original home owners. I called Dog Guard and the staff was incredible! They were at my house within one day of my call...and their pricing was half as much as Invisible Fence! I also didn't have to deal with any persistent "up-selling" that I experienced with the other company. Dog Guard was very willing to use the existing Invisible Fence wall system and build from that! Later, when the Invisible Fence wall system was smoking (yes smoking!), the Dog Guard staff were on it! The woman on the phone first gave me tips on how to try to convince Invisible Fence to honor a warranty...her first instinct was NOT to just make a sale, but truly cared about my budget and needs. After a few phone calls back and forth to both companies, I decided to get a new wall system from Dog Guard (a couple hundred dollars cheaper!). They were out the SAME DAY. I love Dog Guard and will recommend them to everyone! "

-- Shannon S.

"It went well. They are always very responsive and helpful.. I would not use anyone else!"

"I called provider to request new batteries. Call answered immediately and provider offered to mail me the new batteries after receiving my check but I wanted batteries sooner so provider let me bring check to business and pick up batteries when it was convenient for me. We have used Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing for approximately 15 years and have always received excellent service. "

"Fine. Service was done as promised and there were no surprised. Jock and Bee are always, friendy, knowledgeable, and professional. "

"Their service is excellent. They show up on time, discuss options thoroughly and are responsive to questions. "

"Easy to contact when need something. Mails batteries on time every 4 mo. There is a fee of about $40 for that service. Installed out of sight fencing and instructed us--2009 July 2012 lightening damage & they came out the next day to repair it. "

"They showed up on time, did a great job with the installation and training, and were very helpful with all my questions. I would without a doubt use them again. "

"I did my whole yard which is close to an acre; the back and front yard. I had a Dalmation that liked to dig his way out no matter what I tried he always got out of the yard;and this fence completely fixed the problem. Ten years ago this invisible fence works with a signal that works with a wire and in my back yard the wire runs through my chainlink fence. But 10 years after the install my box got struck by lightening and they sent me right out a new box and everything without any additional fees. The price was a bit high but it was worth every penny. They installed an invisible fence for us. They came out and explained everything and installed it for us with no issues. "

"The owners are fantastic - professional, responsive, and very knowledgeable about the product. Highly recommend them, and will use them again if the need ever arises. "

Emily G.

"highly recommend this company.. the service is great- responsive, knowledgeable, and always ready to do what it takes to help. They really understand dogs!!- they taught me how to train my dog and gave very specific instructions to make the training as painless on both my dog and me. When i have needed anything they get right on it! "

-- Emily G.
Tammy R.

"Awesome company. Love this experience! "

-- Tammy R.
Sharon T.

"I have recently moved and decided to choose a new provider for out of sight fencing. I had been unhappy with the other system because the dog was constantly getting out. When I contacted Dog Guard, I made an appointment with the wife and she explained to me that they would provide training to both me and my dog to avoid any further issues. It worked!! I am thoroughly pleased with the new fencing. The customer service from Dog Guard is superior, they were prompt and arrived when they said they would. Cannot recommend them highly enough. "

-- Sharon T.
Linwood S.

"There aren't many companies these days who go above and beyond for their customers. Dog Guard invisible fence stands out among the best. Very professional, helpful, honest service from the start. Also, one that doesn't nickel and dime you at every turn. After shopping for an Invisible Fence I thought they were too expensive. Then I found Dog Guard. John came out to give an estimate. I was happy to find they were a more affordable option. That was just over one year ago. What a great guy! Super friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and more than willing to go out of his way to help. Needless to say, I signed up. Over the last year, he has been out several times to train, adjust settings, change out collars...and follows up with a text or call to make sure everything is working okay. Beyond the incredible customer service is the product, itself. We have a very excitable, energetic boxer who we wanted to let have as much space in the yard as possible. After a touch of training with John, Hank is totally safe and contained. Neighbors walk by with their dogs and comment about what a well behaved dog we have. He has never escaped, and is even so well-conditioned that he stays in the yard even when I leave to go to the store or work. Every time John has been to my house, he shows my dog (Hank) so much love and attention, I'm blown away. You would think he was his personal pet! It's very sweet to watch. I truly cannot recommend John and the crew at Dog Guard out of sight fencing enough. "

-- Linwood S.
Ingrid C.

"Called them yesterday afternoon because our line had been cut and Jock came out this morning to do the repair. They are great. I'm so glad I went with this company. Reliable fence, reliable people, very friendly! "

-- Ingrid C.
Whitney Z.

"Timely service "

-- Whitney Z.
Mary H. – Raleigh, NC

"I would honestly recommend Dog Guard to anyone. Their customer service is fantastic and the product too. "

-- Mary H. – Raleigh, NC
Gloria M.

"Malcolm The Mover is Magnificently Managed by Dog Guard!! We rescued Malcolm about 2.5 years ago from an abusive situation. He's half Border Collie & Boxer. He runs like the wind chasing everything from leaves & squirrels to cars & skateboards. He loves children of all ages, but needs a smell check until you pass his "approval". Moving 200 miles to a brand new area, living at the beautiful Greenway in a Clayton walking community, we had doubts whether this kind of product would work for dear Malcolm. WOW---WOW!!! Dog Guard was installed by Jock and his Team on September 20th, 2018!! We're absolutely STUNNED...and NOT by an ELECTRIC CURRENT, but Malcolm is perfectly content to remain on the FRONT PORCH! He will play in our back yard, but hasn't chased a car, truck or work crew. The fence caught him One TIME last week when temptation overtook him when the neighbor was walking her dog. Our neighbor felt so badly for 'tempting' him. When Malcolm hit the 'point of no return', a quick yelp, the boxer summer sault, and a split second run back to the front porch. He looked at me with the look that said, "Mom, I couldn't help myself. I got it now! Won't do that again!" He hasn't!! Our new neighbors have already asked us about our thoughts on DOG GUARD!! Dog Guard's training, service and responsiveness is what a customer desires.5 STARS...HANDS DOWN! "

-- Gloria M.
Crystal H.

"Great company to work with. Wonderful service each time we've needed something. "

-- Crystal H.
Cami P.

"Our border collie is crazy. He would leave and stay gone for hours. He was even worse during a storm. We couldn't stand the thought of him being chained up. We spent thousands of dollars on a chain link fence that he jumped over. He then started going through the fence which costed hundreds of dollars to repair each time. We finally called Dog Guard. They installed the system, trained us on how to train our dog on the fence, and left us with written instructions. They also allow you to sign up for a subscription to receive batteries for the dog collar. The boarder collie only jumped outside of the fence once and it was on day 2 of training. He has not jumped out since. We have had dog guard for two years. We have a rat terrier that we just bought a Dog Guard collar for as well. We were very happy with the way this company operates, and we will use them again. "

-- Cami P.
Jessi A.

"We had nearly 5 acres fenced in in Nov and we are beyond happy with Dog Guard and their services. We experienced an issue with the collar this week and had a perfect resolution of being sent a replacement. Within hours- the owner was here to check it out himself and resolved the issue. We are so grateful that he did because the puppy was getting upset having to be leash walked again! Highly recommend - great solution to keeping the dog safe! "

-- Jessi A.

"We have had our fence for 3 years now. The fence has worked great and Jock did a wonderful job training the dog. He was also very responsive when lightning struck the fence and cam out the next day to repair the damage. "

"Jock is an expert in invisible fencing. I couldn’t be happier with the quality of product and the EXCELLENT and personable customer service. They came highly recommended and deservedly so. I have since recommended them to many neighbors and they have been pleased as well. I highly recommend this company!"

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