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Having Trust in your Electric Fence

November 1, 2018

We often times get the question, “Is an electric fence safe for my pet(s)?”

Yes! Of course, an electric fence is safe for your pet. We, as pet lovers ourselves, would never recommend a pet product that would jeopardize the safety of your animal. However, we understand your concern so we are happy to offer an explanation as to why.

The word “shock” can be scary. It can be misunderstood that your pet gets “shocked” from an electric wire running through their collar transmitted to their body, but that is not the case! The electric wire running underground is what communicates the boundary, not the shock to your animal. The shock is actually battery operated from the receiver collar and is minimal in scale.

Upon approach of the barrier set, your pet receives a warning signal to notify them not to move any closer. If they happen to cross the warning parameter, he/she receives a mild correction “shock”.

While there are different levels of correction, even the highest level will not cause pain to your pet. Ultimately, we just want to alert the dog upon crossing a boundary, therefore we are just trying to get their attention to say, “hey, that’s not ok!” The “shock” delivered feels much like the one you feel from someone who rubs their socks/feet across the carpet and annoyingly runs around trying to touch you, yes we all have one of those in our families. Feel free to also test the correction out on yourself holding your pet’s collar to understand how it feels.

To avoid any issues with discomfort for your pet, it is recommended to check your dog’s collar daily. The only discomfort it can potentially cause (as with any type of correction collar) is rubbing irritation which can be avoided by routinely removing the collar for bedtime.

The Benefits of an Electric Fence

We and our clients have found their electric fence very beneficial to not only their pet’s lives, but their own as well. The receiver collar placed on your dog combined with an underground electric fence helps to teach the boundaries of your yard. It’s reassuring to know that you don’t have to worry about your pet running out onto road without knowing to watch for speeding cars. Having an electric fence also allows your pet to run free without a leash – so liberating!

We hold true to our claim of never causing harm to your animal. We are happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may be having and address them immediately.

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